Monday, January 16, 2012

navy BLUE...

   For the winter formal this year, I decided to make my dress. I have always wanted to make a dress, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so. 

 I got tulle a few months earlier and I got the material that was to go underneath it --which was actually a sheet or curtain of some sort -- a month or so after that. The tulle I got for about $8 and the sheet I got for free. Which means I spent about $10 or less on this dress (because of the dress pattern, which I got at a thrift store, that I used for the skirt; and the thread and such). Not bad :) In October I had drawn out what I wanted the dress to look like. I kept the skirt part of the pattern in mind, and then designed the top.

I started making the dress about two weeks before the formal, but I spent maybe 4-6 days actually working on the dress. I had in mind what I wanted the dress to look like, but I couldn't find a pattern for a dress that looked like what I pictured, so... I decided to use a pattern for the skirt part and then make the top by myself. 

It actually turned out really well. The back seam is a bit crooked and I've never seen a dress fasten in the back as this one does; I was afraid I was going to rip it or have some other malfunction while I danced (which it didn't!), but...

 I like it.  And I made it :)

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