Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Aqua Nautilus.

   A few weeks ago I saw a giveaway on a blog. Love, Milk, and Honey was hosting a Sea Lillie giveaway to win one of Sea Lillie's Aqua Nautilus necklaces.  To enter, you had to write about your favorite beach memory. I entered, hoping to win, but definitely not expecting to. I put the the necklace somewhere in the back of my mind, and went on with life. One day, the contest came to my mind and I decided to look on Love, Milk, and Honey's blog to see who won. Imagine my surprise when I saw MY name! I noticed that the winner had been announced a few days earlier, so I sent an email, hoping I wasn't too late. I wasn't! Fast-forward a week or so, and the necklace arrived in the mail! It's so beautiful and I really do think it will remind me of the beach whenever I wear it. 

~ <3 ichelle


sea lillie said...

Thank you so much for the shout out and kind words! So happy you love your necklace!

Sea Lillie

A Blog By Tinkerbellgurl said...

wait I want to see your blog post about your beach memories! :D where is the link? :D

That is SOOO cooL! Are you going to do a photoshoot with it on? :D I can't wait if you are!!!


Michelle said...

If you click on the word "giveaway" that is highlighted at the beginning of this post, that should take you there :)
And I'm not sure! Maybe!