Sunday, February 27, 2011

My infatuation.....

Sliced Persimmon Plate -
I walk into the store, aisles of clothes, shoes, and purses lay before me. I walk past each aisle, trying to find what I came here for. My arm brushes a smooth, silk scarf, but it fails to steal my attention. Finally, my eyes catch a glimpse of a sign, half-hidden by a clothing rack... My heart beat quickens with my pace as I enter the aisle. Shelves of dishes surround me. Where do I start? I pick up a glass from off one of the shelves and, as my fingers grasp it, my breath catches in my throat. I gaze at it for awhile and then place it gently back in its place. I move to the next shelf and a smile plays on my lips as I run my finger along the smooth edge of a tea cup, and then that of a porcelain bowl. The precise designs etched on a crystal goblet, the glistening tumblers... I wish I could spend the day just drinking it all in, but after about an hour, I decide to leave; taking the glances coming from the sales associates as a hint. I take one last look at the snow-white teapot, and walk out if the store.


Ok, maybe I'm not that bad, but I have to admit, I LOVE dishes. They are so beautiful and have so much character. There are so many possibilities with colors, designs, and shapes.....

Swim Around The Rim Bowl -

Jimmies-On-Frosting Plates -
Piecrust mug -
Piecrust bowl -
Champignons Plate -

De Vincennes Dinner Plate

From The Deep Cup & Saucer -

Bottega Copper Tumblers -


Lights. Camera. Fashion! said...

WOW!!! this is such a cute post! I love it!
: D
These are beautiful dishes!

Julie said...

You need to write a book or something. I LOVE your style of writing!!