Monday, January 31, 2011

Cookie Day Adventures

This Christmas I received the cookbook Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero.  Ever since I first heard about this book I have been wanting to get it, and so I asked for it for Christmas, and I got it!  Sometime after, I was showing the book to my sister, and we both thought about how fun it would be to go through the book and make each of the recipes.  Then we thought...Why not now?  And so it was decided that, starting in two weeks, every Thursday would be "Cookie Day".
  So, come two weeks later, my sister came over to my house at about 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon.  Plenty of time to make some cookies, right?...We had decided to make "Ooh La Las" (Oreos), and it started out easy enough; measuring and mixing everything up.  I even got to use my new Kitchen Aid hand mixer (which I also got for Christmas)!  We didn't have shortening, so we used Earth Balance; or black cocoa powder--where do you find this stuff anyway?--so we used dark cocoa powder. We also didn't have parchment paper (which we have since bought because, when a recipe calls for it, you can do without it, but it makes life so much easier to have it).  So, we refrigerated the dough, and set to work rolling it out...on wax paper(since we didn't have the parchment paper).  After cutting out little Oreo-size circles, we then tried to take those circles off the wax paper and place them neatly on the cookie sheet...and then found out why parchment paper is so amazing.  After maybe an hour we got all the cookies onto the cookie sheets, and baked (we also had to do them in batches because they didn't all fit on two cookie sheets). While they were cooling, I made the filling--after finding out we didn't have enough powdered sugar, and then making some powdered (more like super-fine) sugar--and then we filled the cookies.  And then...we finally got to try them, and...they were really good!  They were a little bit on the sugary side, in our opinion, so I will probably cut down on the sugar next time.  They did taste like Oreos, so I would say they were a success!
  So thus ends our first "Cookie Day Adventures".      Bye bye for now!                 


Heidi Jo said...

How fun! Freshly baked vegan oreos sound delicious! Are you a vegan, Michelle?

Julie said...

haha NOooooo!! not less sugar!!!! ;)

Michelle said...

No, I'm not, but I like eating like one as often as I can :)
Haha, Julie :)